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CUBARIS SP 'Panda King' Isopod

CUBARIS SP 'Panda King' Isopod

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CUBARIS SP 'Panda King' Isopod

 World Origin: Vietnam 

Preferred Temperature Ranges: 75-80º Fahrenheit  

Preferred Humidity Percentage: High 

Average Isopod Size: 1.2 Centimeters 

Breeding Skill Difficulty: Intermediate 

Why we love them: Their coloration is adorable! 

Cubaris sp ''Panda King' isopods can thrive in both tropical and temperate environments. They have a tough exterior which makes them less ideal as feeder isopods 

 Panda King isopods are known for their fast breeding rate among the Cubaris sp. However, it takes some time for them to establish themselves. Once they do, they quickly multiply, which has made them popular in the isopod hobby. However, they tend to breed more slowly compared to other isopods, which makes them a little more expensive.  


Please carefully read the following information before placing an order for isopods:

We guarantee that each shipment will contain the exact number of isopods you have ordered. Depending on the species, a few extra isopods may be included.  

 Once you receive your isopods, you can introduce them into their new home or bioactive setup. To ensure their safe arrival, we ship our isopods with sphagnum moss and a small food source.  

 Additionally, we include insulation and heating or cooling packs, depending on the temperatures in your area at the time of delivery. We do not charge extra for these packs. When placing an order, please consider the temperatures in your area. 

  We will only ship when temperatures consistently range between 40-90ºF, and we will use proper heating and cooling packs to maintain safe temperatures in the box during transit. However, it is your responsibility to be aware of the temperature when shipping. We only offer a live arrival guarantee for overnight delivery. 

  If temperatures are questionable on either side, we may postpone shipment to ensure that your isopods arrive safely. We will always communicate with you prior to shipping if there are any concerns about temperature. We are committed to ensuring the safe and healthy arrival of your isopods, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. 

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