Common Questions about isopods and BioLife Bugs

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What Days of the Week Do you Ship? Who are the carriers?

We generally ship Monday - Wednesday to avoid any delays due to the weekend. We ship with USPS, UPS and FedEx.

What if my isopods arrive dead?

We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee with our Next-Day Air shipping method, which means that the likelihood of receiving dead isopods upon arrival is usually low. However, in the rare event that you do receive dead isopods, please send us an email along with picture proof within 1 hour of receipt. Please note that our other shipping options do not come with this guarantee for dead isopods upon arrival. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you choose Next-Day Air at checkout to ensure the best possible experience with your order.

Do you ship year round?

Yes, however we may hold the shipment if the weather is either too hot or cold and either our location or your to ensure the safe delivery of your order.

Do you offer local delivery?

Yes, we do offer local pickup in the Portland Metro Area. Please reach out to us for this option at Casey@biolifebugs.com

How do you care for isopods?

In general, you can take care of isopods in a similar way. Most species thrive in a bioactive setup that includes a substrate made of dirt, moss, and leaf litter. A basic setup we use is to have a few inches of substrate (made of an organic topsoil, sphagnum moss, and sand mixture) with a few small pieces of cork bark and a handful or two of leaf litter. We find that misting twice a week works best. We mist on one side of their enclosure to provide a moisture gradient and to help prevent mold. Some species, like the Cubaris Sp Rubber Ducky isopods, prefer a deeper substrate, and we offer them 5 inches of substrate.

We feed our isopods a powdered diet of Repashy Morning Wood, Repashy or Pangea Crested Gecko diet, and most of our isopods are fed vegetables weekly, usually squash or carrots. Lastly, we provide a cuddle bone in each isopod's tank to allow a source of calcium for the isopods. Please feel free to contact us for specifics on any species you are interested in.

Can I return my isopods?

Shipping is very stressful on the isopods and returns or exchanges are not accepted. However, we do offer live arrival guarantee with Next Day shipping.